Kooplucket and the Prankoshis
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Type Animated series
Genre(s) Slapstick comedy
First Air Date(s)
Country of Origin United States
Original Language English
Season(s) 1
Episodes 15
Runtime 22 or 23 minutes (per episode)
Status Running

 Kooplucket and the Prankoshis is a TV series that looks like Oggy and the Cockroaches



Lopleroko is a Koopa doing work at his house. He has a PC and a Game Boy Color, which he sometimes plays when he's bored, and even watches TV to take a break from work. He hates the Yakoshis. He also has a girlfriend, Saralivia.

The YakoshisEdit

The Yakoshis always do pranks of all kinds and levels and stages: in fanon, in cartoons, in real life, coldblood pranks, African pranks, cannon pranks and more other pranks! They even sometimes ruin Lopleroko's day without pranks. The first Prankoshi in the gang, Blusmartoshi, is the only smart one. He may either join the other two for pranking, or command them to do pranks. The second Prankoshi in the gang, Yoshi Yolo, sometimes rides fast vehicles to get to the others. He can sing very good. He also has a piano. The third Prankoshi in the gang, Femamale, is actually not a Yoshi. Femamale is a male Birdo. The reason why he is male is because his bow and eyelashes are fake. He likes cartoons, too.


Plaqselione is Lopleroko's cousin, who has a Nintendo Wii. More info about him to come...


She is Lopleroko's girlfriend. She's a singstar, and may sometimes be friends with Yoshi Yolo. She may be a lovely girl, very good at composing.

Real Player FanEdit

The reason why he's called Real Player Fan is because he likes RealPlayer A LOT. He has it on his laptop. Mostly, he wears a RealPlayer shirt, but when watching soccer, he wears a Soccer T-shirt, or when playing GBC with Lopleroko, he wears a Game Boy Color jacket.


Bowsolokiko is a giant Bowser-like Koopa, hence his name. He is an evil guy, and has so far only appeared in 2 episodes.

Super KoopaEdit

Super Koopa is a superhero saving people without failing or giving up. He first appeared in Roaring Speed Storm Returns.


Season 1Edit

# Title Summary Who rules?
1 Let's Start

The Yakoshis, Inkiosqueblue, Yolowile, and Jayerkiafy, have their first prank on Lopleroko after getting swatted by him: a photo collection prank.

Lopleroko and Plaqselione
2 Yolowile's Musical Premiere

Not yet written...

Lopleroko and Yolowile
3 Dirtying City

Lopleroko is going to Washing City for the week, but the 3 Yakoshis are ruining it. Now Lopleroko calls his friend, Real Player Fan to throw the 3 Yakoshis off of Washing City!

(NOTE: This is the first appearance of Real Player Fan.)

4 Some New Cartoons to Watch

Jayerkiafy is watching the latest cartoons of 18/3/2004 (the airing date of this episode), but Lopleroko hates those cartoons. He tries to turn off the TV, but to no avail. Now he has called Inkiosqueblue, Yolowile, and Plaqselione to kick Jayerkiafy out of the house, and it worked!

Lopleroko, Inkiosqueblue, Yolowile and Plaqselione
5 Late at Ketchup Splatters

Lopleroko is trying to add ketchup to his French fries, but Yolowile may splatter ketchup IN HIS FACE INSTEAD!

The Yakoshis
6 Poker Jokers

Lopleroko is trying to play a game of Solitoker (Solitaire and Poker mixed up) with RPF and Plaqselione.

The Yakoshis
7 Gone 2 Jail, Back 2 Home

The Yakoshis pull up a joke on Lopleroko, thinking he might have robbed the bank. Now Lopleroko is at jail, trying to get back home.

(NOTE: This is the first JOKE the Yakoshis did.)

The Yakoshis
8 MicroChallenge

Lopleroko's girlfriend, Saralivia, holds up a WarioWare competition for her boyfriend. The judges are Real Player Fan and Plaqselione. But the Yakoshis try to make Lopleroko lose all his 4 lives!

(NOTE: This is the first appearance of Saralivia.)

Lopleroko and Saralivia
9 Faking Swap

Inkiosqueblue invents a machine that swaps minds, but accidentally gets zapped by the swapping laser along with Jayerkiafy, Plaqselione and Saralivia! What are they going to do in their new minds (and voices)?

(NOTE: This is one of the episodes where Jayerkiafy's fake bow and eyelashes are seen.)

10 Other Than This Way, Goes That Way

Yolowile is playing with plushies, but Inkiosqueblue likes figurines more than plushies. They must see who's best!

(NOTE: Lopleroko appears at the end while Yolowile and Inkiosqueblue are still fighting, kicking them out.)

11 Pizza Maker Inc.

Lopleroko is working for Pizza Maker Inc., as the pizza cooker, while Saralivia is the delivery girl. But the Yakoshis are trying to ruin the pizza that Saralivia will deliver to Plaqselione, and this gets into a mayhem.

The Yakoshis
12 Wake Up, Sleepy!

Yolowile is sleeping all day and night, so the rest must wake him up for freedom!

Everyone (excluding Yolowile and Real Player Fan)
13 Spring Up The Surface

Inkiosqueblue bought a spring so that he can prank Lopleroko.

The Yakoshis
14 Goodbye, Going to Town!

Lopleroko has had enough of the Yakoshis! He's now moving to town!

15 Hello, World, Getting Old

Inkiosqueblue has had enough of the Hello, World thing. He tries to remove it from the meme website.

(NOTE: This is one of the episodes where Lopleroko does not appear.)

16 The Virus Real Player Fan meets an error message on his PC. It reads: "Your computer has encountered a murderer virus." It has two buttons: "Release virus" and "Nope". Real Player Fan chooses "Release virus"... and touché! The house is taken over by the virus. Neither
17 Fireworks Clouds? Once,  Everyone
18 Good Riddance, Game Boyers! The Yakoshis steal Lopleroko and Real Player Fan's Game Boy Colors. Now they have to call Nintendo, but things are getting worser than ever before when the Yakoshis do their Nintendo voice. Everyone (mainly Saralivia)
19 Pranktiscus Yoshicus

The Yakoshis had done WAY TOO MANY pranks, so they have to find their way out of pranking, like going out for a walk. (NOTE: This is another episode where Lopleroko does not appear.)

The Yakoshis (mainly Inkiosqueblue)
20 Ring Ring Ring! (x2) Banana Phone

Lopleroko bought the banana phone, and when it rings, it says "INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!" Then the reason why this always happens is because the Yakoshis rigged the phone.

The Yakoshis
21 We Scream for Ice Cream! The Yakoshis open up an ice cream stand for their friends, but Lopleroko is noticing that the stand will be the perfect target to stop the Yakoshis. Lopleroko
22 More than 12 Months

The evil villain, Bowsolokiko changes the number of months that form a year to 13, which annoys everyone, even the Yakoshis and Saralivia. (NOTE: This is the first appearance of Bowsolokiko.)

Everyone (excluding Roaring Speed Storm)
23 Matrixed Out Lopleroko writes an important document for Saralivia to read, but when the Yakoshis accidentally mess it up by touching the plug, it goes "1010101011001" for Lopleroko. Both
24 Objection: Mario Lopleroko and Saralivia try to find a secret about Mario, but with the Yakoshis stiring up the ways to find the secret, it could be an "L is Real 2401" disaster! Lopleroko and Saralivia
25 Go-Karts Competition! Lopleroko, Saralivia and Plaqselione are invited to a Mario Kart-style Grand Prix race. However, with the Yakoshis ending up in their bag, they can crash trouble for Lopleroko, and even disguise as a famous dance-racer: a mix of a dancer and a racer. Lopleroko, Saralivia and Plaqselione
26 Do Not Disturb The Cradle The Yakoshis are sneaking in a maze, when they come across a sleeping Real Player Fan and accidentally exclaim, waking him up. He kicks them out, and the Yakoshis have to deal with the Koopas for this situation. Both
27 Hack and Develop the GBA Lopleroko finds a very strange GBA development program, and with that, he tries making a game that should work with the gyro-sensor (since he likes that anyway). Plaqselione then finds this and helps him to expand it for the GameCube, but the Yakoshis do know how to develop a small fusing factory that should crush Lopleroko's laptop. Lopleroko and Plaqselione

The Big, the Normal and the Midgit

Lopleroko has just returned from the supermarket, and, with a big surprise, accidentally trips over a pebble and bumps into Real Player Fan! He then starts beating him up, as strong as a T-Rex, then kidnaps him in a monkey cage, located at the top of a fireworks factory! The other Koopas and the Yakoshis have heard of this serious news, and they come to rescue him. Everyone (except Real Player Fan)
29 El Scrub Klangalange Not yet written... We'll see...
30 Can I Have A Dog, Please? Not yet written... We'll see...
31 The Big Drive Lopleroko gets a drive test and starts to get used to it. All gets worse when the Yakoshis hitch a ride and wreck the test, so that they can be the drivers. Lopleroko then has to get back his near-to-get driving license...embryo? The episode has 2 parts.
31 The Big Drive Catch

Continuation of The Big Drive. Lopleroko finally gets the embryo, and completes the driving test, but when the embryo start to swirl, the Yakoshis and Lopleroko have to get this evading swirl, since it flys away every time they lay a hand to catch it.

(NOTE: This is the first 2-part episode in the show.)

32 Blue Band, With No Brains, So Rock, If You Want A famous band comes to Lopleroko's house, and start to ROCK THE WAY DOWN, BABIES!!! down the house. However, Lopleroko starts to suffer from getting sick and tired of it, and calls the Yakoshis for help to stop them from complete their onstage rock 'n' roll song to ROCK THE WAY DOWN, BABIES!!!. Both
33 Melting Trees

Lopleroko finds a small, but very strange plant in his garden while watering his crops, thinking it's a seed. What's worse, when he buries it and waters it so he hopes that it will grow into a new crop, it instead explodes and turns the crumbles above it poisonous, causing plants that come in contact with these poisoned crumbles to turn into rainbow bows leading to a large forest of melting trees, with a pot full of gold in the center! He is amazed about this, and dreams about Saralivia kissing him as a gift! But a gag about the plant is: the real owner of it, who came to Lopleroko's house, beats him up every time he sees him, causing the Yakoshis to laugh.

(NOTE: The Yakoshis only have a small role in this episode.)

34 plumber Cartoon academy for idiots You Lopleroko finds a switch in the soil, that, if pressed, causes the whole house (and himself) to go cartoony about! The Yakoshis hear this, and then ruin his plans of turning the house back to its glorious normal style. Lopleroko
35 Roaring Speed Storm Returns Bowsolokiko is watching TV, when he suddenly sees a montage of the Koopas and the Yakoshis, some with them altogether, some with them separated, some missing a few. He gets SO, SO, SO VERY EXTREMELY MAD that he has to KILL THEM ALL. Fortunately for the Koopas and the Yakoshis, a new hero called Super Koopa hears this and flys away to rescue them.

Everyone (excluding Bowsolokiko)

36 Once Upon a Koopa TBA TBA
37 Lost One Day TBA TBA
38 No Stinking Badges When Oggy comes for a visit to Lopleroko's house, Lopleroko believes he is his inspirer. But the cockroaches and the Yakoshis meet and team up to ruin the two's moments. And when Bowsolokiko gets thrown into a pile of badges, he does want to split them between a being-shared universe. TBA
46 Invite Me, Invite Us

Jayerkiafy is trying to increase his mood and life awesomness and coolness, but when Inkiosqueblue, and Yolowile, have a birthday party, Jayerkiafy becomes a mad boy and tries to eliminate the party.

(NOTE: The Koopas don't appear in this episode.)

Inkiosqueblue and Yolowile


  • The weird thing is that the show is made in 2013, not really 2004.
  • There are some sounds from Windows ME (when Kooplucket is using his PC), and some sitcom sound clips (when everyone laugh or someone watches a funny show on TV).
  • Programs used are Flash CS3, Sony Vegas, and Project64 and Fraps (for some title cards).

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